Reviews for "Feed Us"

really glitchy and bad controls but is decent fun

Theme of game is fun, awesome idea and graphics. The control is horrid and seems like the game itself lags??? i know its not my computer or internet...A few glitches where the swimmers are stuck outside of the water treading air? LOL fish out of water... fun game but alot of stuff needs to be fixed.

control of the piranha

had little and sometimes felt like no control of it.
maybe something to look at for the sequel, can't wait for it! kept me entertained for a good hour!
>implying there's gonna be a sequel
well, here's hoping


I played it when it just came out.

Its loveley, awesome, and satisfying...

My God...

When that piranha is fully upgraded... I just mean.. Now that is a freaking monster :D Love the game, but the fishes do have a insane tendency to fly all over the place :)


make a 2nd one wit more uopgrades