Reviews for "Feed Us"

I keep getting stuck under the bottom of the level because I fly off screen so far when jumping out of water (usually because I'm trying to avoid a shark), and there's no way to get back besides waiting for end of level of hoping a shark actually can reach me there, where they usually can't. Sad.

I still cant progress in this game. even after 4 years. it says "need 25 liters of blood consumed" but doesn't matter if i get 1 or 50 liter in the available stage, at once, or a 100 with many tries. doesn't matter if i spend the blood... I still cant unlock the next stage. i got 49 in one try on the latest stage. it wont let me get through.

how do i make it fullscreen?

......So i can't play silently and the lowest sound setting is kinda...still loud enough to bug anything else...

very addicting love it