Reviews for "Feed Us"

Fun game, a little buggy

This game is pretty damn cool, i love eating people's faces with 14 more piranhas backin me up to do so. But it does have its flaws, the sharks are a huge pain in the ass since they come around every 5 seconds or so, and my sick ass scary lookin piranha army would slowly turn into one big ugly mother fucker with three little fish following him around. And i got stuck off the screen a good 4 times which sucked. But this game is still hella fun and i defiantly recommend playing it


Random bloody violence is my favorite thing :D


Should really be able to eat the shark if you attack it from behind, also needs to be longer, or at least have a bloodbath level where there are TONS of boats and people with no sharks after last level


Random, Bloody Violence...I Like It

"Piranha vs Sahrk!!"

Cool game, its funny and entreating specially for when you seriously want to see blood in a game...

The main thing wit this is how short it is, 6 levels? something you finish in less than an hour, and aside from the annoying shark there's not much of a challenge, only that controls sometimes lag of get out of control, and make the fish jump to a side of the screen were you can't see them or not move as you're trying to make them move... annoying
But that's just technical and could be easily corrected.

The Upgrades don't allow you to end up with a Super (or Mega) Piranha who eats everything as you would like to and the eating process can seem slow, with one cheat you can eat people in one bite but that's just boring and because this has a time limit if you eat super fast everyone then you be seating 2 minutes waiting for the level to end trying to avoid the freaking shark!

Don't get me wrong I still liked playing it (nothing to regret) I guess you could at least say it was a good challenge!

Over all I enjoyed the game until the end. I liked the Upgrades (and cheats) I just wish there was a way to be able to eat the shark ( you know like in pac-man in which you eat the ghosts) or at least to Really make the fish invincible so that they can't be eaten or the motor boats don't hurt them...

Hope to see a better sequel with more levels and options keep it up!