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Reviews for "SPUD - Part 2"

Yum, yum.

Though I can't say I like the "one and only God" stuff, I did like the animation.
I'm not a religious person, but I agree that religion is something the world needs sometimes. People seem to be too distracted by the overly religious preechers to
realise what religion is about. (I'll stop right there before I get too deep into it)
The plot was pretty cool, I like the idea of "fake" superheroes. It's been done before, but hey, pretty much everything has.
I'll be looking forward to the conclusion.

nahtanojmal responds:

Thank you :)


i was really enjoying it til it said "God",
still enjoying, not as much but thays just my preferrences.
so i'll still give you a good score for your animation and very good voices.

nahtanojmal responds:

:) Thanks

I find myself at a dilemma...

When trying to rate this. As for the flash, the animation is good (not amazingly mind blowing, but easy on the eyes) the voice acting is good as well. They story seems interesting, just very very very.... slow... I kept finding my mouse inching toward the X button just waiting for anything to happen.
Now, I did say I was at a dilemma on rating. As for the flash I'd give it a solid 9, then I seeing the "believe in the one true god you damned hethens!" message... and then reading your responses... and the reviews... btw I do not agree with the reviews that just hate Christianity and "anti-gay rights and anti-abortion" insults them to the point they post here because they THINK its gonna make a difference that they stood up for queers and baby killers on Newgrounds... simply amazing... I do however have issues with the statments Believe in the one true god, at least by its self I do. If you wanted to preach a message, I'd listen, might not believe, but I'd listen. That being said I do feel insulted every time I see this "True Christianity" and "Trusting only in God for life" crap. Believe in god, that's your choice, but riddle me this, do you even know what TRUE Christianity is? Have you done your homework? Do YOU know that your god is THE god? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you think all this and put all this work into a flash supporting a belief, a religion that someone else fed to you. I doubt you went out and discovered this concept by yourself, or GOD reached down from the heavens and put this feeling in your heart.... bleh. Does god provide jobs for the unemployed that need to work and provide for their family? Does god cure the diseases killing little kids? How about the ones killing mothers? Fathers? Did god stop the towers from falling on 9/11? You telling me there wasn't a single freaking christian praying in either of those towers? Nah, that's all in God's plan, let'em die. Lets all go back to church and pray for the day when Jesus returns and kills everybody on the planet ... oh I mean comes and "saves the souls" of those found worthy.... bleh, stupidity, the most deadly epidemic on the planet, ends more lives than cancer. Stand up and fight Stupidity today! Make a real difference, or just sit on your ass and pray for it.
Regardlesss, in the end, I give this flash a 6. You have potential as an artist, just not a writer.

nahtanojmal responds:


I am a Pastors kid but if all I listened to was preaching from my church I wouldn't believe Christianity to be true. Though everything I have, I have received. I do primarily listen to Christian people like Paul Washer, Tim Conway, John MacArthur, Ray Comfort etc but I see truth in what they say. There are many popular Christian leaders that appeal to human emotions more than truth and they just cause people to hate Christianity all the more by creating false converts (people converted to Christ for the wrong reason).

If you love babies you must hate abortion.
God is a loving God, so he must hate everything that is not love.
People are not love. We only love out of the Grace & provision that God gives us. If all (or even one) of our needs (or even wants) were not met we would be revealed to be a horrible person in and of ourself.

God does not kill people unjustly (murder). He kills people because that is what they ultimately deserve. From this perspective I see every little insignificant thing God gives to me (like another hour to live) to be only because He is a kind God gracious to me, a wicked sinner.

Satan believes in God/Jesus and even talks with Him but Satan doesn't follow God. If all I do is pray to God and believe in Him I am no better than the devil.
If I am truly a person who realises my own depravity, giving up on everything of myself and then coming to God (consistently), I will do good works naturally. Faith without works is dead (no faith at all). Just like if I say I believe I can fly but refuse to jump off a tall building.

Jumping off a building will not cause me to fly, for that is blind faith and false hope.
I guess that's how you see me. :D

I went to uni for 3 years studying Animation so I hope I have at least some potential.......
Thanks for the 6, it is all that man will ever achieve.

Ugh, religious toons...

Besides the blatantly anti-gay rights and anti-abortion message packed into this propaganda thinly disguised as entertainment, it wasn't even entertaining!

I could almost overlook the watery Christianity influenced nonsense if there was some entertainment value to it, in the same way I can enjoy the song by the band "Anti-Nowhere League" called "Day the World Turned Gay" which is blatantly homophobic, yet I can enjoy it because it is crass and catchy.

And yet there isn't.

nahtanojmal responds:

Sorry but I don't aim to amuse. You should have rated it 0 not 1

A litlle better but I hope........

A little better but I hope you are not trying to push beliefs through this cartoon. I only say this because once you faction a belief it is now a religion and religion is what put the christian savior on a cross. Now I am an edenist so I can embrace your ideas on your beliefs but I can never condone pushing your ideas onto someone else. Can't wait for the conclusion.

nahtanojmal responds:

No matter what is submitted on Newgrounds they all push/influence something.

There are only two religions in the world.
1. Human achievement - Do something in and of yourself to gain/earn eternal life or have a good life.
2. True Christianity - Die to yourself, and live under God. Trusting only in God for life

BTW, God put Jesus on a cross to suffer and die. God/Jesus chose to die.

What is wrong with presenting my idea of the truth so that at least clear minded people can process it and come to their own conclusion?

Oh and Thanks ;D