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Reviews for "SPUD - Part 2"


I wish I could make a show inspired by my drawings from when I was really young like 2-7 it would be about trains crashing and exploding and tanks and airplanes battling with soldiers with gas masks! But alas I dont have an animation studio thing. My imagination is so much better right?

meh .......

why is everyone so pretty in this show

nahtanojmal responds:

:D Cause I like drawing pretty faces.... You'll find out in Spud - Part 3 why

meh, no complaints

the square chin thing though.l...that's gotta change. To those making a big fuss over the "god references"...ugh give it a rest. I'm not a christian nor do I believe in god, but it's PART OF THE FLASH. Rate the flash not whatever messages may or may not be in the flash. if you don't agree with it, fine,but just shut up about it. If you do believe in it feel free to do the same...your antagonizing those who don't -_-. but good job man Ill be waiting for part 3

nahtanojmal responds:

:D Thanks man


I liked it, Mainly because it was well done and the story isn't bad. I am not a person who considers himself a Christian but I do believe in God. Animation was well done and it was refreshing to see a video trying to do something other than make cock jokes or have people die in it on this website. I might disagree with some of what you said in comments to other users but that doesn't mean you are doing bad work. Congrats and keep it up.

nahtanojmal responds:

Hey Thanks

Nice animation

i read your reply to that long review below mine.... Im a pastors son too but i live in london so yh anyways nice animation, you just need to add in some comedy scenes and you would have an pretty good animation because people like 3 things comedy, action and something special that makes your animation stand out from other animations. so good luck on your next one

nahtanojmal responds:

hmm... we'll see. Thanks