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Reviews for "Through The Flash Portal"

I really liked this animation, I recognised some good ones, but more could've been added
@Powerdude: I didn't realise Fancy Pants wasn't popular, he just has his own game on XBOX LIVE ARCADE!


your thinking with portals


The artwork and music is good and all, but there's one flaw that right off the bat got my attention, and really bothers me. Most of the games featured in this flash aren't on NG, and even the ones that are on NG aren't very popular either in general or just not popular here. Mario? Portal? Robot Unicorn Attack? You've gotta be kidding me here. Mario didn't originate on NG, Portal only had 1 game and some parodies on NG, and Robot Unicorn Attack is on AdultSwim.

Thing-Thing is on here, but very dated and unpopular. Electric-Man is probably somewhere on here, but again, not popular anymore. Fancy Pants is the same deal; not very popular. I don't even think Bloons is even on this site, and if it is, barely anybody is playing it.

The worst part of this is that you could have shown more. FAR more. There's tons of things to show, like:

Pico's School
Madness Combat
Salad Fingers
Dad n' Me
etc, etc....

Why only show games? Why not widen the appeal by adding more series? Why not see what you got so far and add changes? Why even bother? Why even do anything? I dunno. Well, you're the animator, so I guess you're in charge. I'm sorry for being mean, but I want you to improve. Then again, this concept of going through the portal is very exciting, so it might just be that I'm expecting too much. Cheers, man. See ya.

-Powerdude964, OUT!

Lolz xD

It's like the legend of miyamoto lolz nice flash :)


This is a good film xD i like it