Reviews for "Wooley's Worst Date Ever"

very good

don't trust chatroulette or chat brolette... those sites are scary. I really thought this animation was entertaining. Graphics and voice acting were right on point too. great work!


and i thought i had bad dates.

Really well done.


Chinese finger trap wins


I thought it was pretty entertaining, the voice wasn't too exciting to listen too cause he kept the same tone the whole time. But, it wasn't bad, the art could have been done a little better, but thats just me. : P It wasnt that appealing to my eyes, and it didn't make me 'lol' at any time. @n@


It was just awesome. I can see that situation happening in real life. Was it based on a true story that happened to you? Well, anyway i hope you win the competion. This was hilarious.

The credits music was cool too.