Reviews for "Nanobeast: First Blood"


i like the blck guy hahaha

I love the word baloons!

A whole lot of funny!


I'm just kidding man, good work! Nice editing and choice of shots. Great add-on to the Nanobeast legend.

RatherRandomReality responds:

We have consulted our technicians and they have figured out that the Chrome issue could be solved if you follow a set of simple rules. If you do this all animations and games will work perfectly in the Chrome browser, including all DOS games, arcades and even iPhone apps will start working under Chrome. Here is what you have to do:
1. You call the closest Dominican spot and order a side of tostones (you must pronounce it "toe-stones" or else it will not work).
2. Once the delivery guy delivers the tostones you DO not tip him.
3. Open the tostones bag.
4. In the bottom left corner of the bag, uncheck the box "google local tostones"
5. Now you can eat the tostones.
6. Eat the tostones.
7. Eat the tostones, motherfucker, eat them all.
8. Restart Google Chrome.

After this simple procedure all animations and games ever made will work under Chrome with no problem. Hope that helps!

Good to know the backstory

I like how the general is reoccuring character in your animations.


"Fuck you nigguh, I payed $20 for this shyt."