Reviews for "Nanobeast: First Blood"

I Like it

This game reminds me the old skol Reidan games, Epic video was a great laugh 9*'s babi! GOOD SH**.

im happy

im pleased you can actually play the game


Good animation it was funny and the art was great nice job! :D


Warning this video contains violence, drug use, and black people. Or you could just warn us about the last one and save yourself some trouble. But in all seriousness thats wasn't very nice at all. Disney would be proud!

Rather Randomly Entertaining

The General seriously needs to clear his throat. Voice was somewhat off but the graphic aspect of the animation was great. The stereotypes were matching though I can't agree much to stereotyping in the negative point of view.

The video game part in the end was fun to watch and for some reason the shooting in chapter two seemed to add a beat to soundtrack. Some parts were funny in some way but if there is one thing i can come up with, it'd be that this is VERY random.