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Reviews for "Hipster Dress Up"


Great stuff!

I Like

The graphics are beautiful.
The music isn't bad.
Like the other guy said , that kind of clothing isn't much Hipster anymore.
But I have no complains.
P.S: Knis shouldn't be alive.

Too mainstream

I'm sorry but playing flash games is way too mainstream for me, so i can't rate this type of things very high.

Furthermore, it's so ironic that you believe that hipsters are still wearing clothes like this in 2011 ! There's just way too POPULAR ! There's no swag in this ! I personally only wear purple wool shirts and alligator leather pants !

Finally, the music behind this : SERIOUSLY ? I mean, this is sooooo plebcore, that's not even post-avant jazzcore, progressive dreamfunk or Neutral Milk Hotel or anything.. disappointing !

Sorry but the only thing I want to do

With hipsters is shoot them.