Reviews for ""Alone""

I didn't have any bugs. Great game.

Now that's strange

It looks like this happened to me only, but i can't manage to even start level 5 since no one of the characters is able to jump on the ledges right after pulling the starting blue lever, so turtle can fit in the tunnel only to be blocked forever by the green gate... How could this be called a bug? it looks like an error to me, but again nobody else complainted on such an issue, so this must be regarding only my Firefox?
By the way i was liking it (even if I must agree with XGravity, controlling and switching them properly was somehow confusing), so i will rate just like i played it 'till the end..

Natpat responds:

That's really quite strange. It's an issue affecting quite a few people, and I have no idea what's causing it.

Very Nicely Done.

Addicting then again a little tricky, and super awesome. :D


it is good but there needs to be a part . part 2 should have better graphics but this game is fun and i like it OuO


really cool concept- although, controlling the characters (for me, at least) was very difficult...great game otherwise!