Reviews for "Youtube comment generator"

I'll be honest, this is stupid.

I Got Dislike bar looks like a lightsaber

first line i got was <tits or gtfo> lol

<Justin bieber is gay> best line ever


Very good idea, but since no one seems to want to tell you what needs fixing, I guess I will ;). The problem is that you can't generate consecutive comments, you can only do one and then you have to reload that page if you want to generate another one. I don't know if you wanted it like this so people wouldn't just spam the generate button over and over again, but that seems to be what the problem is. Also, I think I got the "Dislike bar looks like a lightsaber" comment generated about 10 times in a row, maybe find some way to add other funny comments? Anyways, great idea, and I actually think that some of your comments are hilarious and would get many thumbs up on YouTube. Awesome job!

almaleke responds:

Fixed the button