Reviews for "Eat and Run"

Pac-Man is a cartoon art. Well, I think is a kid-art to me, friend.


The game is pretty basic, and its kind of decent if this is your first flash game but I agree with car4life: the game should have sound. Like the "waka-waka" sound pack-man has when he opens and closes his mouth, The ghosts respond pretty well to the situation though so that is good. But don't take it personally,, just offering advice.


Well, Uzuriel, I've played your game and i'm gonna offer you some constructive criticism. One, I don't mean to bust your balls, but please offer some music and sound effects. Two, the controls could've been better also. I don't wanna be looked at as a total jerk in your eyes, I'm just trying to help you. I'm sorry i'm giving you the low score.

Low key Pacman

Pacman with different colors and a mixed level layout. Nothing special or different, and I agree, this COULD have legal issues.

sorry man

pac man is a classic and theres not a thing in the world that can over power the original. specaly if this little gimic has no music and it takes very long to finish a lvl if people have that kind of tolerance to finish one. sorry man i just cant give this a serious vote.