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Reviews for "G.I.N.A part 5"

i always hated that

when the guys or girl shoot's at another person but doesnt touch him like he or she wasnt aiming and such

but i love you animation and the background doesnt fit to the animaton

you may wanna fix that but other its good 8/10

Are you asian?

I'm sensing some language barriers here. Slight ones. I'm judging you based off this one flash, but... something tells me G.I.N.A. has no sexual meaning to you and a lot to me.

Great intro....

love the way you do explosions , and as for the animation both 3D and 2D looks great , I suggest before people review ( or bash it) they check out the previous installment. but this is surely great . Not all animation are perfect , everyone has mistake both ameture and professional, but this one is really good it does have mistakes but its real close to have a look like a real movie( Titan AE , Heavy Metal 2000 feel) keep up the great work hope to see more,

Quick! Hide. Your improvment is showing!

The beginning of G.I.N,A. 5 is amazing; you really improved since the first part. You employ 3d seamlessly and your dust clouds, explosions and electric effects are great. The girl really appears to slide across the floor and the fight is inspiring.

However there are awkward elements, especially in the dialog scenes of the second half. Lipsticking, with few exceptions, did not fit the voice acting very well. When a character emphasizes a word we should be able to see it in the lip syncing and facial expressions. We should see them pronounce every dominant syllable. Additionally, the lines are hard to understand. The lines do not flow into each other; Instead each line appears to be a separate entity. This problem is compounded by improper grammar. I had trouble in some places understanding who is saying what and what is being said. You might want to consider finding someone to proofread your lines and help with voices plus mixing. Remarkably the storyline is fairly understandable through the well made fights alone.

The second half also had glitches with the 2d animation unconvincingly interacting with background. The most problematic scene is the one in which the captain walks forward, into the camera. I assume this is meant to be a dramatic pause but the awkward walking cycle and length of the scene undermine the effect. I know from experience that animating a full body character walking into the camera is difficult- many animators avoid it completely. Showing only the captains upper half as he moves forward, leaning with a darkening facial expression would prove more effective and less difficult.
The one special effect element I dislike is your fire. Fire should be more than one color and less blocky, maybe even partially transparent.

When its all said and done you have a wonderful series going here and thinking about how your improving as you make these has me excited for how the next one could turn out. Not that this episode is anything to scoff at! Well done!

What do you use for your 3d?

Seems very good, but there is room for improvement

Quite a bit of the art was very impressive, including that of the ships, and several of the backgrounds. The filler sequences really added depth, although some of the story that was in this, was a little harder to follow than I like to see. While this ofcourse was quite good, and I take my hat off to you, there was still some things that could use improving. Most notably the voice acting, I understand finding voice actors can be tough sometimes, but there are VAing communities out there. Also some of the physical character animation seemed lacking, and there was even a small segment near the end, where a character appeared to be talking, but nothing was heard.

Overall I rate it a 4/5, and 7/10 It was good, and I look forward to seeing more from you, but I hope you note some of the problem areas for the future.