Reviews for "A Sabtastic Sketchbook 2"

Brilliant as always!!

I realy enjoyed looking at your sketches. I love reading what kind of ideas came into the art and what thools were generally used, so this was just perfect for me. I loved the hidden easter eggs, especially the one with Fyn and Jake which was a great surprise.

I have been a big fan of yours ever since you did your newgrounds character id thing and I love sseing your art. I hope to see more things like these in the future.


This was a wonderful collaboration of art! I will have to say that my favorite character in the book was Kat. ;o But that's because she was a sexy kitty girl anthro thing. Anyway, I think you have a wonderful thing here. Keep up the good work!


i love the things you draw (pokemon, dragonball z!) you are so talented.


You're the skecth prof. of the newgrounds LOL :]]]]]]

Damn penguin.