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Reviews for "Emo Gunner"


I don't understand story. An idiot raver lands on the emohome land? I have lag issues on my mac when ever a voice over comes on. Also it's been done before several times so many times emo bashing is old. Hell I don't even know if they are still in public domain or if I'm just to old to care? Anyways why are the weapons so expensive?

Aww yea

Very funny. I like the quotes and smart comments the characters make. Great game This will totally help me to pass the time.

very nice

played through the first few waves and i like it. it is funny and makes fun of emos and their skinny jeans lol


Truth be told, I'm still a little dissatisfied with the voice work I did on this. However, the game itself is a good time! I don't have anything against emos, but this project was fun to be a part of. Excellent work guys.

Also, that menu screen is really good. I don't normally think to myself "Mmmm... That's a damn sexy menu screen", but I really like this one.

good, but a few things are messed up

The shop screen is erratic. I'm on chrome, and I can't buy things i should be able to. the shop screen is just broken

Also sometimes newgrounds advs will pop up in the middle of the screen.

That is, when you get to mow on emos with a mini gun, it's pretty fun! fix the bugs though! Cheers!

Cha0tic221 responds:

Feel free to message me with any bugs you have come across. Unfortunately we couldn't come to an agreement with any of our sponsors, so Red and I decided it would be best to just have a couple ads throughout the game. Every 10 rounds an ad should play, it shouldn't happen randomly.

Thanks for the review!