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Reviews for "Emo Gunner"

Good, But a Bit Disappointing

Pretty nice graphics. It's a pretty overused concept for a Flash game, but it doesn't really get old too fast. Anyway, here's my review breakdown:

+Nice graphics
+Feels good and satisfying to shoot and hit a target
-Not enough targets, usually too easy
-Very slow-paced
-Lacks a real rewarding feeling

Overall, when you're shooting targets, it's very fun to play, but a lot of the time there is not enough going on, and it lacks that feeling of really being rewarded.

Also, though I love the feeling you get when you fire (how the screen slightly shakes, making it feel "powerful"), sometimes it is unresponsive.

Overall, you obviously know what you're doing with making games... but next time, just add more to it.

Uh, that sucks

Can't buy a new gun??

very nice

love the concept, style, characters, and music. No surprise RedHarvest was the contributing artist and xKore - the sound. But here's the thing, the buy buttons don't work for me and no I suck at the game. Any suggestions?


Neat game.
But I really like the song that plays during the title and I was just curious what it's called?

Solid gameplay, I just didn't feel the theme

I wasn't so sure about this game as I was clicking on the title, but I was pleasantly surprised! I had fun playing this game - it was a more unique take on the defense/shooter genre. The art was spot on, I liked the difficulty curve (not too hard, not too easy) and the auto-saving feature is sweet.

I just...hrmmm, how do I explain this...I wish I could've gotten into it more - if that makes sense. I loved the menus (UI freak here), the art and controls were solid too - I just couldn't bring myself to care about the theme. I didn't even realize emo's were a thing still - I thought we all moved onto harshing on hipsters (genetic descendants of the emo) anyway, haha. The voice acting too was a little unenthusiastic. I think a little more polish there or perhaps more cut scenes between levels would've helped immerse me more.

All in all, you guys did a very nice job. Keep up there work and make sure to polish like crazy next time to really nail it!

(P.S. - Would you mind telling me what the shop music is? I left the game open for hours after I was done playing just to hear it loop, haha)