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Reviews for "Once upon a time"

Surprisingly good

The animation was way better than I expected it to be, and the sudden shift in mood at the end was succinct and effective. Nice going!

Most random ending I've seen.

Epic horse that throws up a rainbow, then plays Always Sunny in Philadelphia music, then shows Spock for some reason. Awesome ending, and awesome FBF and awesome drawing


The animation was smooth, and nicely stylized. There was humor, a bit of action, and a nice vibe to the whole experience.

This deserves front page.

Yup, That's a favorite.

Well animated (1 point for some sound I found wasn't quite up to your standard)
But the rest is gold.
I was expecting some long, epic story and we get some rainbow barf.

Nice, I actually had a huge grin on.
Not much more I can say, keep it up man. I see you going far with stuff like this.


hahahaha, what did i just see?

Well, got to hand it to ya, did not see this commin' at all.
Loved it, and hope to see more!