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Reviews for "The humans are dead."


Your an expert on flash huh... Im still learning and this is freaking awesome!
so fluid and the art was beautifully made! MOAR!

Steinberg responds:

Thanks!!! I'll keep it comming!

Pretty good,

although i don't think we died in the year 2000.

Steinberg responds:

But we did. In the distant future of the year 2000!

take that you stupid huimans!

the whole thing was great.
I'll be sing this song for as long as I live.
which will not be long.......

Steinberg responds:

Thanks for reviewing!


Its not the best version of the song but its still pretty good.

Keep'em comin.

Steinberg responds:


I LOVE Flight of the Conchords!

Definitely did them justice! =P

Steinberg responds:

I'm glad you think so.