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Reviews for "The humans are dead."


I think this is more than decent!
The animation is fluid and the art is very good
The music is great, i couldnt stop laughing.

I want to see your " actual projects"

Steinberg responds:

I'm glad you liked it!
You will be able to see my actual projects pretty soon :)


Brilliant concept, execution and animation and musica. Felt required to put review because average score was only 8.9/10. Yeah! Super fun time! Yeah!

Steinberg responds:

Thanks! But only the animation was done by me. =/

lol nice

Love flight of the conchords and there songs they hell funny in RL had to watch this u done a good job keep up the work

Steinberg responds:



i love that solo


I don't know what else to say but, it was just as good as the robot pirates and i freaking love that song. These two fit in the same boat of awesomeness. The animation was prefect, It didn't over shadow the song but at the same time didn't feel like some thing to look at while your listening to the song. This was perfectly balanced