Reviews for "The humans are dead."

Hahaha, It's the most awesome music ever!

It's the most awesome music ever!

Pretty cool song, man.

Very nice movie! I knew someone would make a flash out of a Flight of the Conchords song some day! I KNEW IT. Any plans for other Flight of the Conchords Song?

Steinberg responds:

I'm going to do some of my own scripts now, it will take a while... But, who knows, maybe some day. I'm a big fan of theirs so the chances are big.
Thanks for reviewing!


i love that solo


this is not a constructive review,not even a good one.but i gotta` say this: thank you for putting up such great material! when i saw the title on first page(congrats on that btw)I said to myself "hmm... this looks promising".then in the preloader I saw the two robots and said: "man,I have a feeling this is going to be good".when I played it it was more than I expected! I smiled,I laughed,I was very entertained.Animations like this one keep me coming back to newgrounds every day to check what`s new :) this is gold man,bravo! Haha you have such a good sense of humour!


how much do you make from ads ?

and the the was nice.

Steinberg responds:

This one so far must have gave me 8 dollars.