Reviews for "The humans are dead."

Flight of the concords!

I do enjoy them so.
Not bad, overall. Mediocre animation, but you kept it in time with the music, and it wasn't terrible. So for a flash dedicated to a song someone else wrote, very well done.

lol oh wow

The solo was the best part, but pretty beast ;) I'll admit I don't log on to vote for everything these day's but you deffinately get my 5 ;D

i poked one and it was dead :P

this is sooo whats gonna happen :P

Steinberg responds:

It's just a matter of time!

this is not how it goes, and its..,

"the humans are gone" not dead, and the song sound very different in the official ver and better.

The animation was below average too, and this is one of the most unoriginal flashs ive ever seen, il give you a generous 3/10 atleast, for the effort.

Steinberg responds:

Nope, you are wrong, it's the humans are dead. Actually, if you are talking about the name of the song, it's "robots".
This song was done by the same people who did the longer one, so this IS an "original version".
And even though I agree it was way below average, I don't think there was neccessary anything else to the animation, it may not be a masterpiece, but it didn't need any fancy stuff.
That said, I'm going to work only on original stuff from now on, as my objective with this (practice) was achieved.

binary solo

lol it got me at the binary solo part XD