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Reviews for "The humans are dead."

It was great, untill you changed it. I WANT ORIGINAL SONG BACK! 1/5 for now.

Steinberg responds:

What? Both versions are uploaded, check my profile for the other one.

i checked the new one and it was WAY better this sounded like you did it in a week or less


i lov robots!

Binary Solo!

Hilarious, and it fit perfectly with the song! I loved it so much that I had to look up the real video to see if it was just as funny (No, it wasnt.), but I couldn't find a whole 'music video' really, just a bit of this and that in different places (Not saying the real video wasn't funny though), so it's cool that you were able to combine different parts to make your own awesome version!!! Loved the animation, had a combination of colors, voices matched, LOVED IT ALL! 5/5 10/10 :D


this was so funny, the animation fit perfectly with the music, and the voices where great. i am still laughing at it. good job.