Reviews for "Clerks Whassup?"


You had like no style. EVERY ONE IS DOING THESE DAMN WHAZZUP THINGS!!!!!!!!! The graphic got a 5 because... THEY AINT YOUR GRAPHICS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Humour got a two because whazzap!! just aint funny any more. But over all it was'nt that bad. Keep trying and I'm sure you'll be at the top!

Another wazzup parody. Heh once you've seen one you've seen em all

Silent Bob.....gone...Whassup?

I think it would have been very stylish if when it got to silent bob's part he didn't say anything..I would be very happy if it went like that.....=)


If there was a "Clerks, the animated series", that IS what the charecter's would look like.

Aww man.


Ha...The wazzzap thing is friggin annoying...Um..this was...kinda lame. Even though I still luv Clerks an Kevin Smith and the awesome ass cartoon too.

But...pretty lame. Sorry.