Reviews for "Clerks Whassup?"


This cartonn was cool because it was Kenvin Smith's and he is god. I would have given it a perfect ten but that stupid dog killed the damn thing. whatever. still good work. Kevin would be proud.

Love Clerks, sick of the Wazzup

Interesting new twist for Clerks, but the wuzzup commercialism died out (for me) a long time ago (like when I first saw it)... Could have been more original.

Your saving grace

The thing that saved the movie was the dog. I don't smile at whasssup much, but this one started a smile

Idea for the future...

I think we should exile everybody who still thinks "wassup" is funny to the arctic.

not bad

kinda old but hey, it uses clerks.....makes you think why Lando wasn't in the flash...maybe because it wasnt grape soda???? aint i a stinker!?!?!?!...NOOGA NOOGA NOONCH!