Reviews for "Clerks Whassup?"

this is

the funnyest fuck up ever!

snootchie bootchies

first of all I love clerks and second of all I think this movie was hilarious (so whats up B?)

Aww man.


Ha...The wazzzap thing is friggin annoying...Um..this was...kinda lame. Even though I still luv Clerks an Kevin Smith and the awesome ass cartoon too.

But...pretty lame. Sorry.

Shadow Flare's Review

Note: I rate by today's standards no matter the age of the flash.

Graphics (6) - The graphics were pretty much copied and pasted but it went okay with the movie. The mouth movements were acceptable on the characters as well and weren't as crappy as they usually are.

Style (7) - The audio fit with the graphics so it didn't seem so crappy.

Sound (8) - Audio was understandable but was difficult to hear a couple of times.

Violence (0) - None

Interactivity (0) - None

Humor (6) - It was funny. Made me laugh. However, the wassup thing has been a little overdone.

Overall (5) - I average my scores to avoid giving out constant zeros.

if there was any level higher i would give it that

Kevin Smith is my favorite director every thing he does is funny and this ranks up with stuff he has done and thats "true, true"