Reviews for "Clerks Whassup?"


That was good. love


What the..?

Yeah it had funny moments, like when the dog popped up i was like "what the hell is going on?". I still dont fully get it.
Even though i love clerks... no this animation makes no sense.


It looked good but.. maybe something better than spoofing an old movie? And... a little more than movie things back and forth?

yo afro dude

chill out god sometimes ppl LIKE THIS STUFF stop dissing ppl AND JUST FUCKIN DEAL WITH IT


All you've done here is got some pasted images and had that annoying Wazzup! thing playing while you move the mouths on the images, these Wazzup! things suck, they never were funny and I hated the whole Wazzup! thing from day one, then people like you who made movies of the whole thing amde it even worse, these Wazzup! things suck, there's no humor whatsoever in them.