Reviews for "Clerks Whassup?"

clerks was cool

I Kevin Smith rules but wazzup sucks but i thought it was great a must see if you likr=ed clerks

Good artwork

Great artwork but doesn't anybody realise that the wasszup bullshit joke is way old now?

Silent Bob.....gone...Whassup?

I think it would have been very stylish if when it got to silent bob's part he didn't say anything..I would be very happy if it went like that.....=)

Best Wazzup version

Of all the Wazzup movies, I consider this to be the best, cause of the voice-lip correspondence, and because of the zoom ins. If this is the first Wazzup you saw, you're a lucky guy.

I'm dick of all the "wazzup" shit

But I'm a HUGE fan of Kevin Smith. snoogans.