Reviews for "Galactic Miner"

Pretty good

Great game, but after I played for a while, there is a glitch that makes the game end as soon as I press the "continue" button


would be great if the controls were good ship is just to slow

Spazzes out ALOT

I like these kind of fun upgrade games, but for some reason, whether it be in the beginning of the game, or a while in, it just starts spazzing with the load screen, phase 1, and the menu, over and over and over again. Other wise, not bad.


the music is great. absolutely great. This genre of gaming, however, wears thin quickly. The biggest gripe i have with the gameplay is the controls through the mouse. it's very sluggisha nd unrefined ( i understand the upgrades make control smoother, but the fact that the mouse must be used kills me). Otherwise, things look good, they sound good and, well, the game is what it is: it will only be as good as it's highest upgrades and then what? limitless play thereafter?

Could be better

Steering with mouse is painful, especially when gems are close to borders and you have to move cursor outside game range to get your ship to collect them. Maybe next time give the option to control by keyboard or mouse?