Reviews for "Galactic Miner"

Fun, then less fun

Had a fun time ┬┤til all upgrades were bought. Then it was quite boring just collecting enough money to end the game.
The game worked nice and smothly even on this crappy conection. That usually means good programing.

"Original" o_O

This is "Save the Moon" with different graphics. Nobody minds remakes but this is ridiculous. Save the Moon was submitted barely a month ago ...

No way

you dont shoot anything, yet you have a cross hair

the upgrades are just anoying and seem pointless, its basically doge crap pick up stones starting from "you will die in 10 seconds" GRIND GRIND GRIND GRIND you now have picked up lots of stones

no boss, no enemys (the game itself?), graphics are poo, and the sound.... FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU

i think this is a copycat game

there is a game just like this same set up and everything except it has to do with cheese same exact controls too same looking type of graphics and same type of text as well

Similair to what mintman said

The game keeps glitching out, then when i refresh it, my game has been completely reset. Fix this, (and maybe add it keyboard control) and I'll definitely play this game again. Until then, avoid it!