Reviews for "Galactic Miner"

Played this before.

Only that game was called Save the Moon Something tells me you've heard of it. Exactly the same gameplay, and controls. Okay game, just been there, done that.

Side note, those medal discriptions were very funny.


If the game was called 'Dodge the Shiny Rocks' , I would actually own.
Good game tough.

Wow, it is a LOT like Save the Moon

As Mano Cornuto linked a few posts earlier...! Not how it looks but in game play, certainly.

The game play is basic and as a time killer it's okay but I really think you need to look up the definition of mining. It's meant to include extraction of metals from the ground or at least digging, not just fetching minerals floating in space.

Oh well. Decent medals.

Interesting Game

This Game reminded me of the mining games like miner and Motherload except without the challenge of it. Overall it was a fun game that I played until the end enjoyed the time I wasted playing this game. The sound and the graphics were apprpreate for the type of game.

However. There was no challenge to this game. No penalty for defeat. Just go, and go some more. Another minor thing I would have liked to see is after you earn your cruser at the end you should be able to play with it to collect the minerals that would of been great fun.

Overall nice effort, it was a quick enjoyable game but nothing that will be remembered in the flash hall of fame.

Bad remake.

A complete copy of Save the Moon http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /575853.
and it's worse in every way.