Reviews for "Galactic Miner"

not original but good

and the music takes me back to when i used to listen to transworld lol what drug induced memories

well it was ok

i guess coluors were goodish but the graphics the upgrade system were a bit of a bummer and the story was a pain on the fingers and its really sluggish when you move but the music was good

I kind of agree with most of the other people...

[I'm not trying to be an asshole] This game is ok I guess, but it was reeeeallly boring. No real incentive to keep playing. The controls are sluggish and I feel like I'm not really playing. The graphics just felt a little bit too familiar. I seriously played this for roughly 10 minutes and I couldn't take it anymore. There are about 8,000,000,000,000,000 other games I would rather play than this one. Sorry... But I also don't think this should have been frontpaged.

Don't understand

This game has been done to death and this one has nothing to add to the genre. Terrible game play, amateur graphics, and so very boring to play.

Who did you pay to be on the front page?

Not trying to be mean

The game was okay, but the game premise was terrible. How many times have I flown something around collecting stuff to upgrade my guy until I reach a final score? This game is completely unoriginal, but is well polished.
Improvements would include a progressing storyline, a few choices of ships or maybe enemies. Something that makes this game stand out.

And, all you NGers, wise up. I've seen the same games re-skinned a hundred times on the front page. Stop voting high, blam these redundant games!!!