Reviews for "Galactic Miner"


The game play is not what made this a bad game, its the speed of the ship. You cant get anything in time. Then the game was glitching on me and i couldnt play at all

...Movement is terrible.

Not a bad game, but one thing I found that was hard was the movement. The ship is too slow. By the time my mouse is across the screen, the ship was still at 1/3 of the screen and moving slowly towards my mouse.

Seems like a class project

I really don't like giving negative reviews, but this is just...not good. I actually played through to the end because I thought I ought to if I were going to say anything about it, but after about 2 minutes I was bored. Movement was so frustratingly bad until I upgraded handling almost all the way that I wanted to throw my mouse. It really didn't require any technique besides "wiggle the mouse up and down a little," and I found myself zoning out.

This really could be a great start to a game, but there needs to be more. Give me a reason to keep playing - maybe some battles or even some variation in the backgrounds. Something so I don't know exactly what to expect when I hit continue.

Boring game

OK upgrades, boring, tedious gameplay.

Adds nothing to the genre

So, i buy a sweet expensive ship and then i have got the same money? that's so sweet.

Well, there is a small issue: it takes no much time to figure out that that having everything on 2 levels is way better than concentrate on 5 or less values... and realizing big tank is more urgent than frequent refills is matter of 2 or 3 missions... this reduces the replayability.