Reviews for "Galactic Miner"

Pretty good

Great game, but after I played for a while, there is a glitch that makes the game end as soon as I press the "continue" button


i love this game 5/5 :D

good but theres glitch

I played on a laptop and I thought the game play was pretty solid overall, the speed may have been a bit slow with a mouse but on a trackpad it was perfect. My only complaint was that when I reached level 16 it automatically skipped through both level 16 and 17 and then quit to the main menu and restarted me back at zero.

Fix the glitch and maybe give the option of speeding it up if theyve got a mouse and I think you'd be pretty well off.

Good :D

Its a great game if you don't have anything else to do :) about the ship speed they
should know that if you improve the handling in the update shard it will get faster :)

Nice Trip

Actually for a real short while a entertaining skillgame with upgrades. Love the graphics and the atmospheric Track in the backgorund.

It's way to shortwhiled. Played it in just 15 minutes.

But allthough, everything is fine. Good Game.