Reviews for "Galactic Miner"

number 4 of all time cheers !

loved it ! fun to play and keeps you occopied good game in my book .

Good Work

It's a great game and all, but there's too much lagging when you are moving.


the game's idea not bad, but games need to be interesting... It's just booring collecting :S


the music is great. absolutely great. This genre of gaming, however, wears thin quickly. The biggest gripe i have with the gameplay is the controls through the mouse. it's very sluggisha nd unrefined ( i understand the upgrades make control smoother, but the fact that the mouse must be used kills me). Otherwise, things look good, they sound good and, well, the game is what it is: it will only be as good as it's highest upgrades and then what? limitless play thereafter?

Decent Game

Game definately needs more work, but if it gets the love it deserves it will be awesome. Keep up the good work mate!