Reviews for "Galactic Miner"


It seems to encouraged you to move your mouse as extremely as possible, but this fucks up any movement when your mouse goes off screen.

Also, I think it's the fucking add, it makes it so that your cursor disapears, this combined with the previous bug makes it near unplayable, atleast for me.

Other than bugs, I'd say add some sorta gun so you've got something to do with the mouse button to ease the monotony... 9/10 with bug fixes, at the moment, 6/10

Switch to mouse.

I honestly could not enjoy this game, thanks to the crippling ad bug. Whenever the match ad comes up the mouse becomes completely invisible. If you were to switch the controls to the arrow keys this wouldn't be a problem. There is no reason to have the mouse control the game when every 2-3 phases you have to reload your window as a result.

A decent game with a few bugs.

I like this game and the medals that come with it, but there are some things I would like to change.

Oh, and for the ad problem with the cursor disappearing, it happens when that one ad has the match as the cursor, and then it doesn't come back until you X out of the game and hit "play" again. Does this knowledge help?

Anyway, two things I would like to see added to this. First, have additional types of hazards, such as UFOs. Second, have a shield power up so that asteroids and UFO hits don't cost fuel when you get it (until the shield is down).

One more thing. Can you be more specific about the Quick End medal?

Decent, but flaky

Good concept, well executed, and fairly balanced, but with a few unfortunate bugs.

When your mouse goes out of the flash window, the game seems to read this as the mouse being dragged back to 0,0 (at the top, it seems like the point it reads as this is slightly lower than off screen) With an easing form of motion like this, there really is no way to prevent the mouse from leaving the flash window, but the fact that you're suddenly dragged backwards so abruptly is jarring. Not knowing your code, I hesitate to suggest a specific fix, but there is a pressing need for one.

As for the ads issue, the only one I've run into is one where it hides your cursor once it finishes loading (whether you mouse over it or not, let alone click), which is rather annoying at the least. I would suggest either a false cursor (something that sits exactly where the mouse is, generated by flash) or adding something that makes certain the cursor is always visible every frame.

Sans cursor issue - 8. The ad issue would have been another point against you, but I don't like punishment for known faults, even if they do persist.

Until a glitch...

The game was fun, I'll give you that, but after I upgraded Slower Pickup to almost maximum & I'm at Phase 27, the game keeps cutting to the shop panel. So I tried to exit & load the game, but the game restarts the game all over from phase 1