Reviews for "Galactic Miner"

Fun but buggy...

Good:The game was really fun, I upgraded everything and played for a while after beating it.
Bad:A bar popped up to load an ad (the purple loading bar) and nothing happened so I just got stuck and couldn't do anything. Then I reloaded it and got the same problem as other people, it would take me to the shop right away.

Not playable

Heavy bug....after wave 40 i got sent back to the shop everytime i start to fly...

heavy bug too

if i start flying it automatically goes to the shop >:(

heavy bug

game restarts out of nowhere, at first i thought that if you move cursor out of game window it restarts, but that's not the issue. game restarts regardless of your action and song keeps repeating itself over the same song that already playing, over and over, really annoying.

with bugs like this, just forget about the game.


horrible. sending me to the shop after picking up just 1 crystal is beyond stupid. if that was the intention of the author then he needs to get a clue.