Reviews for "Galactic Miner"

cool game

fun ans addicting game. although after 5 or ten mins the game keeps jumping through all the menu screens on me

Very Addictive

I played this game for a good hour and a half before I was forced off my computer. Definitely will be playing this more later. Also, I would suggest to any newcomers to upgrade the rainbow minerals and handling first. This allows you to accumulate money faster.


Addictive, but only kept me busy for like 1.5 hours.. Not difficult at all i suspected more meteors the further u came. Oh well got me busy long enuff to get placed 4th on the scoreboard:P


This game seems good but i got little issue with the background. I dont know if was intended but the screen turn white and flash behind my ship and was really anoying
next time try polish your game a little and maybe people will give you a better score

I finally got enough cheese...

To rebuild the moon....er....oh....um this seems to be the exact same game mechanically as the moon one. Even the upgrades and saving up money to buy the ship is the same. Only thing that has changed is the graphics, but only then it is purely superficial as you can identify which things are which in either game.

Still addictive but, next time make an actualy NEW game.