Reviews for "Galactic Miner"

kinda lame after awhile

this is kinda lame after you played it long enough to unlock all the stuff and then its kinda boring and the control for the ship would be better if there was an option for mouse or keyboard i kinda hate using the mouse because it always goes off screen by a bit its good for the first few minutes though.


This is nothing more then "Save the Moon" (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/vie w/575853) only with different graphics and sounds. The only slight difference in the gameplay itself I can see is in how the 'handling' affects the ship and the fact it lags a LOT more. Plus the sound. Sound effects with music put over looped music that is already there. For a moment there i thought i had a second window with something else opened in the background, but no, it's just this crappy game that sounds like that (i wonder where did You steal the sound for this, cause the mentioned effects sounds like a copypaste from a movie).
I have to mention that according to the credits page the music is made by 'corestudios' and the ship and mining station graphics by 'thevoxelbox'.
So to get this straight: this is a game that has the engine copied from a game by someone else without even mentioning him in any way, pretending to be original, with music made by someone else, some of the graphics made by someone totally else and sound effects that sounds like they're copy-pasted from an anime or a sci-fi movie and the author still tries to earn cash from it for himself by putting ads into it.
How in spaghetti monsters name did it get Daily 4th Place?
How did it even get to the portal at all?
This is plagiarism at it's finest!!


would be great if the controls were good ship is just to slow


Seems like a nice game. I would have given it more points but the music gets a bit repetitive and the scrolling animation starts to hurt my eyes.


I got a little ways into the game and now it is glitching out. The music is making a horrible roar, it keeps skipping between the screen that you actually play in, the ad screen, and the title screen rapidly and I can't get it to stop.