Reviews for "Galactic Miner"


The storyline on this one is wonky, "omg I need 2500 minerals to exchange for this space-cruise ship... lets go mine some" then he ends up flying through space crashing into the minerals to collect them? How is that mining? Doesn't mining somehow involve say, /a mine?/

Anyway, the gameplay was decent, the only problem was that whenever I got over-zealous a bit and moved my mouse cursor off the flash game and onto the webpage, the game lagged up a storm (my system is less than a year old and has a quad-core processor, a simple flash game simply should not lag)

I liked the achievements, they weren't chores, but the "30 minerals on day 1" sure was a challenge (I never ended up getting it)

Fun way to kill a half hour.
7/10, since I can't give 7.5


after his dream he gets the ship yet if you continue you still got small crap ship shouldnt he be in the bigger ship now


not a great game, controls are very slow, very hard to collect anything ok graphics but could have been alot better. 2 outta 10 from me, improve the graphics gameplay and controls and maybe I'll score it higher


While it's a decent game. Something I'd find as an app for a blackberry or something. it's not really NewGrounds for me. I found it boring after about a couple minutes. While everything seemed to operate fine. Right as I was getting close to winning the ad for the game screwed me over and I lost my save. And every time I tried to load it back up the ad would just restart it. Making it impossible for me to play. And when I refreshed my page my game was lost and I wasn't about to start all over. The controls weren't horrible. They could have been better. Possible arrow keys or WASD controls.

Boring game with bad controls

I found the controls annoying. Sure, there is a handling upgrade to make your ship be more responsive, but the main problem was that your ship moved at different speeds according to how far away it was from the cursor (faster when the cursor is far away, slower when it is nearby). So the best way to get to anything was to aim past it. However, because the cursor couldn't move off the screen, this meant movement would be very slow when trying to get to minerals just on the edge of the screen.

The game would probably benefit greatly from making the movement speed of the ship be constant.

Last, the weird descriptions on the medals were kind of annoying. If you don't want to write a description, don't write one. Don't write a description saying that you're too lazy to write a description. The style of humor didn't really mesh with the game.