Reviews for "Galactic Miner"

Spazzes out ALOT

I like these kind of fun upgrade games, but for some reason, whether it be in the beginning of the game, or a while in, it just starts spazzing with the load screen, phase 1, and the menu, over and over and over again. Other wise, not bad.


its boring, and the way the ship moves is just annoying

Control Scheme terrble

The game itself isn't bad but the control with the mouse is absolutely terrible and makes playing very annoying which I guess was the point I suppose.

Good idea but... nah!

Its a good idea but the control stinks. Why people keep forcing to move your character in flash games with the mouse only?

Seriously, you have to allow to have play with the keyboard too. Don't you see that some times when the mouse go "outside" the animation area you lost control of the game completely? Just think about it for a moment.

By the way, that "handling" thing is annoying and confusing, specially with the mouse control.

good concept

i really like the concept and it has real potential, but its handling is annoying as hell

also i have encountered a problem that unables me from playing to completion.
when i press the continue botton the game goes haywire
the only way to stop it is to reopen the window

keep it up