Reviews for "1976: Issue 1"


...it needs to be more clear. Some of it comes in pixels. I think you've got a good thing going here.

The music feels good with it. Especially that dissonant piano. I give you a 5, but you only get 9 stars because I had to over-use the zoom in function for type.

keep on doing.

Not bad

I kind of thought it was a bit-anticlimatic, but still done fairly well. The best part is probably how everything was building up so well. I expected it to be the work of aliens, but I guess with the prescence of Darnell at the end, it was unexpected. For the record, this book is 30 pages long, so it's not that long of a read. What I didn't like was that some of the text was too small to read. I tried zooming in to get a better look, but then the resolution got lower.

Not one of the best out there, but still nicely done because everything was presented in an organized manner. The best part is probably the drawings. The best of that would probably be the dead cows in the rain. You did kind of get the feeling that you could get into these character's heads. Too bad I don't even know where the Newgrounds store is.

good BUT

some of the text is too small :C


but som times I hade problem reading

Very nice!

I liked it :3