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Reviews for "1976: Issue 1"


I like the effect you make in the turning pages, the drawing is nice but there are somestuff I can't define what it is.

TRy to keep the drawings a little bit more clean.

Bewildering =)

But the price of just one comic is $7.00? Geez.


Well drawn and a good story, but the page turning was really annoying. In stead of just being able to flick through the comic, you have to turn every page exactly, so that it doesn't just flip back to the previous page. Otherwise good job.


ok, the story looks interesting, and the art is great in its own way. but it has some issues.
The font is barley readable and is all pixeled, the magnifying glass thingy doesn't help at all and the pages gets stuck some times to the mouse cursor when turning.
Other than that, good work.

Excellent comic.

Captivating story and great, gritty art. Might have to purchase these...