Reviews for "1976: Issue 1"

Wow this is so awesome

I didn't know that you could turn a comic into a page animation with music? But that is awesome!

Thank you

Now i dont have to open up my comic just to read it, i want it new as possible :P

Keep up the fantastic work my friend

Small texts

The texts were so small that I gave up trying to read them, and turned all the pages just for the medal.

nice drawing

i like the stile, the story is fine but the text sometimes is too small even with the glass, and ,in my opinion, the music should be a loop.
is a nice flash anyway, keep in the work

greetings ;)


I like the effect you make in the turning pages, the drawing is nice but there are somestuff I can't define what it is.

TRy to keep the drawings a little bit more clean.