Reviews for "1976: Issue 1"


A story well made. Great artwork. Loved the character already. Couldn't read some of the text which frustrated me to take off 1 star. Apart from that I thought it was amazing.

I'd just like to say...

I enjoyed playing with the pages :B
Nice comic though!

To small

The riting was to small eventhow you added a glass. But uther than that it was 8/10.


I really enjoyed it, but like everyones said so far, the text is too small. Well, not too small per se. I'm using a 32 inch monitor so the text is still quite large, but the problem is it's not detailed enough, so even after magnifying, it is merely a bunch of squiggles instead of writing.

Other than that though, great work. 5 stars from me.


This is actually really cool, what with how the pages turn and everything. The only problem is that some of the text is too small to read.