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Reviews for "Frumplequest 2"

Did it cut off at the end? It said, "Will" and then it just ended. I don't care, it's very funny. The best thing is probably how all of these guys have so many unique designs! Not a single one of them look similar! I remember that voice.

I think you might used it a bit too much here. It's a tad annoying. This is still great fun to watch. I especially loved the "count to one" joke. It's as random as most of your other stuff.

LOL. I love your stuff man!


worst try at a Rhen & Stimpy ripoff I've ever seen


illbe honest...my head hurts

Midly entertaining

It was a little entertaining but what happened with the ending? Sounded like the narrator was about to say something else and it just abruptly ended. Needs work on the audio and ending.