Reviews for "Drugsdrugsdrugs"

Funny little game

With High-End graphics..just kidding.
man this game makes me carvinG!!

Haha..the game concept is old..but the plays with the graphics and the gravity made the trip!

Nice :D


Its so fun when you take like 5-6 at the same time, everything spinning, you spinning upside down below the floor, fighting against giants xD


Really enjoyed it. Especially the music. If it werent for the psychadelic addons whenever you grab some drugs, this game would be pretty dull. But it really adds quite a punch to it. GJ!

Very funny

You have put drugs to great use :D

Simple but Fun

Don't let the title put you off. This game looks great, sounds great, and features some innovative and amusing game mechanics. All in all, it's simple but fun.