Reviews for "Drugsdrugsdrugs"

Not a fan

I don't like the music, graphics, or theme.
Music: I just don't like dance/rave style
Graphics: 8 bit style has so much more to offer that I feel your missing.
Theme: Drug abuse is something I just can't support.

Natpat responds:

Well, that's fair enough. Thanks for being honest :)


The game was okay for a 48 hour game competition, but not overwhelming; e.g. there are certainly areas for improvement (game balance, consistent controls [instead of mouse, usual keys, spacebar], further drug effects, full-screen option, a lexicography of drugs that had been acquired).
The concept of drug visualization has been used in other games as well, the most ancient I can recall being Tetripz (DOS game) which had a number of excellent effects (especially for that time). The most recent submission on newgrounds I recall was a game where one had to collect falling antidepressants; can't find it currently.

Natpat responds:

Yeah, the balance isn't quite right, and I could flesh it out more, but hey, it's supposed to be a quick fun game that keeps people entertained for a few minutes. :)

At first..

...I thought it was going to be a bit boring. I died laughing after taking my first pill. Absolutely fun and hilarious.

Natpat responds:

Thanks ^^


Guess what I'll be doing for the rest of the day.


Sorry, no time to write review, must beat up a doctor now..