Reviews for "Drugsdrugsdrugs"

awesome and hilarious

This game is so addicting just like something else I know.


I really dig this game! When my screen started flashing and spinning I just wanted more drugs. Also, I was really surprised when you used my track for the theme. It really made my day haha.


Natpat responds:

Ha, thanks for the awesome music :D


A little too simplistic IMHO. I know that you crafted this game in 48 or fewer hours for a contest,but it is lacking in two key areas; the music is repetitive and numbing(I muted the volume after 20 seconds),and the hit detection is terrible,the "doctors" continued to kick the shit out of "the drug addict"even though I was hammering the punch button and charging them. Not really my bag...get it? BAG. Hardy-fucking-har!

Very nice

You've nailed the gameplay, very good game for a few minutes of fun. Good luck at Ludum Dare

Nice one