Reviews for "Granny Strikes Back"


That's all I have to say. Granny will kick your ass.

quality settings?

The game has great elements. Lots of variety. However my computer just cant handle it and I don't see a way to descrease the quality to improve performance.



"The name of the game brought me here :3"

:My First Time Playing It:

Now this look's interesting i said to myself, Even though i usually ignore Tower Defence/Defence games most of the time mainly because it doesn't tickle my fancy, But then i saw "Epic Shooter with RPG Elements" written in the description and i was like "Sold!".

:The Gameplay And My Thoughts:

So let's begin, The Gameplay, Solid, Fast and fun and the Controls handle very well. What else must i say?, you shoot guys intil they die end of story. the Characters, All i have to say is amazing! really some of these Characters are incredible, Granny herself is a very original and a very memorable protagonist even though her voice acting isn't the best i've heard but that really doesn't matter since she only say's like three to four lines. The Snowmen are well good but not great, I mean some of them have some charm to them but others kinda flop especially the one's with weapon's, I dunno i think they look a bit bland whereas the unarmed and huge Snowmen look fantastic, but really looks don't matter since enemies in this game get reduced to powdered snow faster than a ice cube takes to melt outside on a hot day. Building's and Weapon's, Wow this is where i think the game shine's over most others i mean a Sunflower seed shooter?!, Watermelon Grenade's?!, Frying pan's!?, Hamster hole's and Snowomen?!. I wish i could come up with stuff like that, And there's much much more (although i don't want to spoil anymore of it). Skills and the Shop, Nothing wrong here works perfectly well, all items can be upgraded and improved, You can upgrade Granny so that she can do more damage, Run faster, Hold more ammo etc etc. Sadly for all those tough critics out there you can't really find anything wrong with it, So move on. The Flaw's, I was hoping that this would be flawless game but sadly i noticed some things, The Boss encounter's, At first i found the first boss encounter to be rather easy but i said to myself "It's the first boss what should i expect? Hardcore Harry with a minigun? no", But then i moved through the game and noticed that the only way the boss get's harder is that you have extra enemies to deal with and also making it so that you have to defend your house while fighting the boss. The boss sadly never changes, It's always the UFO and he pretty much does the same thing over and over again, Shoot many bullets dodge dodge dodge. If there was more than one boss and they became more difficult i would be happy but i can let it slide. The game also becomes a bit too insane later on, making you constantly repair buildings, Standing still to get ammo, Fighting off endless Snowmen that shoot those type of bullets you never see intil they've hit you, It all becomes a bit too crazy even though it hardly bothers me, Atleast the games difficulty scales well, But it could piss off the.....um....erm... the "Not All There" Crowd. :P

:Final Verdict:
Overall the game has a unique style that people must recognize, It has Fast, Fun and thrilling gameplay that could keep you playing for ages, It has medals, Ingame achievements, Score pretty everything a game wants. Apart from boss difficulty, Some of the snowmen designs, Its a fantastic game that i think everyone should try.



holy shit this is addictive!

I must have spent about 2 hours playing this game. The upgrades were what kept me playing this game. This was something special. Sometimes you were defending and sometimes you were just surviving. Really enjoyed this shooter game!